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Some key points should be paid attention to when maintaining the rubber spring


     Usually, when we use rubber springs, we must not forget the maintenance. As long as the maintenance is done, we can guarantee the normal use and long-term life guarantee of rubber springs.
      Rubber springs are mostly used in small diesel engines. When we use small diesel engines, we should avoid rubber springs from stretching for a long time, so that the elasticity of rubber springs will become weaker and weaker if they continue for a long time.
      Although the rubber spring is its advantage, but also can not afford such consumption; we have about the rubber spring parts cleaning regularly, ensure the bacteria and dust will not be contaminated, safety out of danger insurance rubber spring maintenance seriously affected the work speed and even lead to the human body needs special attention not excessive maintenance is not maintained, in order to rubber spring life we should make full use of maintenance, to ensure the maximum efficiency of rubber spring.

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