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How to deal with the high fever during the production of rubber spring


      After the forming of rubber spring, we need to heat treatment, which is commonly known as quenching. However, this way of treatment can not be more than two times, because we have to ensure that the hardness of rubber spring stays within a certain range, which is a compliant spring. Spring after heat treatment, we have to analyze the rubber delamination depth, pressure and processing of rubber spring, which would allow free height and size of rubber spring is very stable, but to keep within limits the deviation range of size. Also we also need rubber molding after surface treatment on the strengthening of the surface hardness, usually more than the way for shot peening method; there is a preservative treatment of the most common skin after zinc oxide or phosphate of these three ways of arbitrary form a surface protective film, and have a flash on the surface inspection rubber, if you want to clean up as soon as possible, is likely to affect the use of spring.

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